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Implementation and Management

Data Requirements – Approved Suppliers Database

To enable us to assist our suppliers with the implementation of our animal welfare policies, all suppliers are required to provide data on a biannual basis outlining the country of origin of all proteins, including shell on eggs and eggs used as an ingredient, purchased to supply the Mitchells & Butlers estate. This includes the name of the companies and/or abattoirs purchased from, the volume of raw material purchased annually and the proportion of product purchased under a named farm assurance and/or welfare accreditation scheme.

This data forms part of a sourcing database managed by the Food Purchasing Department.

Any changes to the source of proteins purchased for use within the Mitchells & Butlers estate must be communicated to the relevant Purchasing Manager in the first instance, prior to making any change. This will allow for the database to be updated and ensure its integrity is maintained.

We will continue to work with our suppliers to identify any areas of non-compliance against the welfare standards and agree actions to rectify this in a timely manner. We will also work with them to set up and measure welfare outcomes to assist Mitchells & Butlers with future data requirements.

Implementation Process

We are working to ensure that all suppliers of proteins within scope adhere to these welfare standards and are in the process of implementing the Sourcing Policy into all areas of Mitchells & Butlers food procurement procedures, as detailed below.

Adherence to the appropriate welfare statements forms part of the tender process, conducted on a regular basis.

Suppliers must be able to provide the necessary supporting data to illustrate compliance with these standards, including the recording and measurement of key performance indicators, as applicable. This will form part of the auditing process conducted by M&B and/or approved third party auditors on their own production practices and / or must be provided by their own suppliers.

Compliance with the required welfare standards now forms part of the contractual agreements between Mitchells & Butlers and the supplier and details of these standards are included within each invitation to tender.

Once a contract has been authorised, the source of all protein and fish raw material is logged onto the "Approved Suppliers" database. This details all the direct and indirect suppliers of protein and fish to the brands, by specie and by country of origin. This enables M&B to manage compliance to the welfare standards required and to monitor any changes to supply sources.

Non-compliance is seen as a serious breach of our contractual agreement. In the event of a non-compliance, this would be assessed and, according to the nature of the issue, corrective action will be agreed with the supplier to ensure remedial action is taken within an acceptable time period. If a supplier is unable or unwilling to take remedial action, according to the nature of the issue, their supply status with M&B will be reviewed as a matter of urgency and escalated to the Director of Food Trading.

Mitchells & Butlers Procurement Strategy utilises supplier segmentation methodology devised by the CEB Procurement Council to manage supplier relationships. Our strategic suppliers, referred to as Tier 1 suppliers, work closely with M&B to define and deliver opportunities to improve welfare standards, which form part of our joint Continuous Improvement Plans, reviewed on a quarterly basis. Many of these suppliers provide their technical expertise to advise and guide the major accredited bodies. Through the actions being taken within their own companies they are able to steer the continual development of national assurance schemes, encouraging them to adopt more proactive approaches to welfare issue. This is something that M&B both recognise and encourage, to allow significant change to be driven across the whole livestock and fishing industries.

We will continue to develop our Sourcing Policy in line with changing business needs, to ensure that the standards defined within our Sourcing Policy are adhered to at all times and opportunities to improve are assessed and implemented as appropriate.

We will continue to work with our suppliers to identify areas of improvement and implement the measurement of welfare outcomes.

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