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The Mitchells & Butlers animal welfare policy covers the core proteins purchased by our brands, regardless of country of origin. This includes all meat produced from chickens, turkeys, ducks, cattle, pigs and sheep, as well as the production of liquid milk, shell on eggs and egg ingredients. We are also progressing our policy on animal welfare to farmed fish including fish health and welfare, pre-slaughter stunning and sustainable supplies.

Our Sourcing Policy has been created to address some of our guest's key concerns on animal welfare, which includes issues relating to close confinement, the humane slaughter of animals, traceability back to farm, adherence to the Five Freedoms and sustainable fishing. Mitchells & Butlers require all suppliers to comply with EU and UK animal welfare legislation including statutory livestock codes of practice as a minimum and as relate to specific animal welfare standards for each species.

We are currently in the process of setting performance targets that enable us to ensure products are produced to meet optimal welfare standards across all geographic regions and for all brands, and our progress against these targets forms part of our future reporting process.

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