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We are committed to responsibly sourcing and selling the food and drinks which make up our brand offers.

Our suppliers provide the products which bring our brand visions to life. Our guests' tastes are continuously evolving and our ability to meet changing preferences at scale sets us apart from our competitors.

We build long-term and collaborative partnerships with our suppliers. By working together, we develop new and innovative products with suppliers which help our brands adapt and evolve, building both of our businesses.

We work with suppliers to understand the environmental impact of our supply chain and work together to minimise the negative impact of production and transportation. We have evolved the way we work with suppliers on environmental issues and are collaborating to find ways to reduce our combined impact on the environment.

The food industry in particular has an important part to play in climate change, as food supply chains are a significant factor in rising greenhouse gas emissions, the reduction of biodiversity and the consumption of water.

We have measured our baseline emissions and have used this to create a roadmap for reduction and have begun to trial menu changes which will reduce the emissions of the food we serve. Animal welfare remains a key focus area, and we are proud that due to our strong relationship with suppliers and clear policies on welfare we have achieved BBFAW Tier 3 rating for animal welfare. We are also conscious of the food industry's significant impact on biodiversity which will be a future focus area on which we plan to collaborate with the wide sector.

Food waste is an important focus of our sustainability strategy. Not only is food waste a waste of precious resources, if it is disposed of to landfill it emits powerful greenhouse gases. Therefore we have set the target to halve food waste by 2030. We have already made considerable progress in this area, reducing food waste in the supply chain and in our sites. We also began working with Fareshare in 2019, distributing unavoidable waste in the supply chain to communities, and we have successfully launched Too Good to Go in Toby Carvery and Stonehouse which saves on average 10,000 meals a week for disposal. In addition, when we do have to dispose of food it goes to anaerobic digestion, a process which generates energy.

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We're a major funder of Drinkaware. The Trust's aim is to promote responsible drinking by finding innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture.