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Food purchasing and food trading

We serve around 130 million meals a year, so our supply chain is complex. Our priority is to source food products of the right quality at the right price, where the quantity that we need can be guaranteed.

All our growers are required to meet the Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group's standard of good agricultural practice, known as the EurepGAP standard. This is an integrated agricultural assurance standard and covers food safety, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, bio diversity and animal welfare.

We believe that getting closer to our growers is important. We want to work with our suppliers to develop greater transparency and better forecasting, to help us respond more quickly to market trends and shorten supply chains. We aim to build strong, collaborative partnerships, where each can benefit and prosper from the relationship.

  • As a responsible company, M&B regard the welfare of livestock as a matter of utmost importance. As part of our Procurement Policy, managed by the Food Purchasing team, we require all suppliers of meat and poultry products to procure material from livestock reared in accordance with the Five Freedoms, as developed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

    This includes;

    • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst - by providing ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.
    • Freedom from Discomfort - by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
    • Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease - by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
    • Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour - by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal's own kind.
    • Freedom from Fear and Distress - by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

    • As a minimum, all meat and poultry purchased is from animals reared to meet the legal standards required on animal welfare, as operate in the source country.

    • Where appropriate, we work with accredited bodies (such as Red Tractor Assurance) to procure meat and poultry products that meet their exacting higher welfare standards.

    • M&B also operate their own cattle rearing scheme, managing the supply chain from farm to fork. Working in partnership with selected farmers, calves are purchased by M&B and reared under contract to meet our exacting requirements. As part of this programme we work closely with Blade Farming, selecting all our young calves from their specialised rearing units, which are recognised by Compassion In World Farming for their strict adherence to higher welfare calf rearing standards.

    • As part of our ongoing commitment to our guests, investors and stakeholders to provide quality food, produced in a sustainable and ethical manner and to reduce business risk through increased traceability, we are currently advancing our Sourcing Strategy. This will define the formal animal welfare policies and performance measures required across our supply base, as relevant to our commercial operations.

    Our current Strategy includes policies relating to confinement, humane slaughter and the use of cloned animals as follows;

    • It is M&B's policy that all products that contain shell egg, egg products and products with egg as a main ingredients are sourced from hens that have been reared in accordance to the requirements of Directive 1999/74/EC for the protection of laying hens. As such all hens providing whole / shell eggs for M&B are reared in free range systems.
    • M&B require all meat and poultry used in our menus, regardless of origin, to be stunned prior to slaughter, to ensure that all livestock are killed humanely.
    • It is M&B policy not to sell products made from cloned animals, and we only work with food suppliers that can meet this requirement
    • It is M&B's policy not to purchase any food products that contain Genetically Modified Organisms, or to procure meat and poultry from genetically modified animals
    • The use of growth promoters is not permitted in the production of livestock used to produce meat and poultry for M&B
    • The Sourcing Strategy and Procurement Policy are the responsibility of the Director of Food Trading, supported by the Food Purchasing team and Food Technologists.


Like many companies, we use a combination of outsourced and in-house capability to meet our IT requirements. This allows us to draw on our know-how to deliver our plans, but also to use third party expertise, which keeps us competitive and helps us stay at the forefront of technology.

We work with suppliers across the IT spectrum. What we value most is the ability to react quickly to new demands. So we partner with suppliers who have the scale and flexibility to respond immediately to new challenges and who have proven experience that helps us respond to the ever-changing pressures and opportunities of the retail industry.

Corporate Procurement

Our Corporate Procurement team develops products and services that help our brands  deliver the best possible financial returns. The department is structured into specialist functions. All of them make the most of the economies of scale across the whole Company. Their sourcing and procurement responsibilities cover Utilities, IT, Building Services, Pub Operating Goods & Services, Marketing Services, Corporate Services and Insurance Services.

Drinks Purchasing

Our drinks team sources and delivers market-leading products that suit all our brands. The trading team has two elements that work together to balance our customers' needs with commercial considerations.

The procurement team works with a large number of suppliers in domestic and international markets, sourcing a wide number of products at optimum terms. These suppliers come in various sizes and deliver both standard and specialist requirements.

The category management team is expert in both consumer needs and market dynamics. They use sophisticated consumer insight techniques to create bespoke product ranges that deliver guest satisfaction and margin delivery.


Our Supply Chain creates a service driven environment that motivates managers and service providers to deliver the needs of the business. The role of logistics is to optimise internal and outsourced service provision, so many millions of cases and barrels of food, consumables and drinks products are delivered to our pubs and restaurants as efficiently as possible.

Our aim is to provide seamless delivery of product and service, and to benchmark and monitor our team performance (and that of our contractors), to ensure we consistently improve cost, efficiency and capability.

Electronic Leisure

We've around 6,500 machines across our estate, including gaming machines, soft toy cranes, pool tables, quiz machines, ATMs and various other machines. We have begun to successfully drive profit from our brand Wifi landing pages offering a free service to our guests. Our aim is to provide electronic entertainment for our guests and by doing that support our portfolio of brands.

We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to test and develop existing and new products that will appeal to players in the future. We work closely with trade organisations and civil servants to advocate and support measures that assist the protection of the young and vulnerable from gaming products. We endeavour to influence positively the legislative framework within which we operate.

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