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Gender Pay Gap

At Mitchells & Butlers, we’re proud of our diverse, skilled and passionate people.

We remain committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent

We believe in creating job opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, which is why we continue to build a culture that values our differences and embraces them as strengths, to drive our business forward and nurture a workplace where our people can love every moment.

Gender Pay Gap Reports

The impact of the furlough scheme significantly distorted the Gender Pay gap results for the 2019/20 reporting year, with only a very small proportion of employees at work on the reporting day. Whilst the results for each reporting company have been submitted to the Government website in order to comply with the regulations, it was not felt appropriate to provide the normal full report of results and actions at a group level as they are not representative of the actual gender pay gap. It is likely that the 2020/21 outcome will have similar issues to the 2019/20 report.

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Modern Slavery Statement

More than ever, we are aware of how important our people and communities are. Find out more about what we're doing to prioritise the well-being and safety of those working across our businesses.

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Animal Welfare

As a purchaser of meat, dairy and meat products, Animal welfare is vitally important to Mitchells & Butlers. Find out more about how we only work with suppliers who can demonstrate considerate management of good animal welfare practises back to farms.

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Discover what we’re doing to promote a better, more sustainable planet for our people, driven by the purpose to make every moment matter.

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Careers With Us

We understand that you want a career that isn’t just about ‘clocking in’. You want to have fun, feel valued, enjoy what you do and get rewarded and recognised along the way. That’s what working for us is all about and much, much more.