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22nd May 2024

Half Year Results 2024

20th December 2023

Annual report and accounts 2023

Financial results, reports and updates

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The Market

Following the resumption of trading after lockdowns, our focus remains steady on exploring the market and identifying potential areas of change.

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Business Strategy

Despite the currently challenging environment, we’re continuing to trade within evolving circumstances and adapt through significant strategies.

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Information on the analysts who cover Mitchells & Butlers.

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Our Management

Get to know the experienced core of Mitchells & Butlers, the driving force behind our strategies and accomplishments.

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A close-up photo of Tim Jones, the Finance Director for Mitchells & Butlers, wearing a light-blue checkered shirt.

Tim Jones

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of the Director of Investor Relations and Sustainability at Mitchells & Butlers, Amy DeMarsac, wearing a beige jacket and gold necklace.

Amy De Marsac

Head of Investor Relations & Sustainability

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Denise Burton

Deputy Company Secretary