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Annual General Meeting 2018

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Mitchells & Butlers plc (the "Company")
LEI no. 213800JHYNDNB1NS2W10

Result of Annual General Meeting

Mitchells & Butlers plc announces the results of the voting at the Company's Annual General Meeting on 23 January 2018 held at Mitchells & Butlers plc, Retail Support Centre, Birmingham at 2.00pm. All Board Directors were in attendance.

All the resolutions were voted on by way of a poll and the results of each resolution are shown below. All resolutions were duly approved by the relevant majority in each case.

FOR (a)
1 Receipt of accounts367,178,58899.73990,6590.27158,200
2 Approval of Annual Report  on Remuneration365,544,87099.711,079,7210.291,702,855
3 Approval of Remuneration Policy357,056,08597.0011,027,0303.00244,331
4 Declare a final dividend368,262,960100.002,0870.0062,400
5 Keith Browne277,437,00877.2981,510,42322.719,380,014
6 Dave Coplin367,864,20099.90363,8460.1099,401
7 Stewart Gilliland367,854,20899.90377,3540.1095,885
8 Eddie Irwin264,298,43273.8293,721,12926.1810,307,884
9 Bob Ivell341,551,05093.3124,504,9756.692,271,422
10 Tim Jones366,709,18999.591,522,8550.4195,403
11 Josh Levy268,092,88374.8889,925,96825.1210,308,594
12 Ron Robson264,293,38173.8293,728,25226.1810,305,812
13 Colin Rutherford367,775,63299.90364,5110.10187,303
14 Phil Urban366,951,22499.651,281,0740.3595,149
15 Imelda Walsh367,796,96199.90355,3700.10175,116
16 Reappointment of auditor366,734,41699.96152,8400.041,440,189
17 Auditor's remuneration368,092,91999.96145,8680.0488,660
18 Political donations367,679,95099.87468,0110.13179,486
19 Scrip Dividend368,165,74399.9864,5930.0297,111
20 Notice period for meetings (c)364,981,37599.113,269,3230.8976,749


(a) The "For" vote includes those giving the Chairman discretion.
(b) A vote "Withheld" is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of the votes "For" or "Against" the resolution.
(c) Special resolution

Votes "For" and "Against" are expressed as a percentage of votes received.
Voting was conducted by a poll.

The number of shares in issue at 6.30pm on Sunday 21 January 2018 was 422,645,675.

The full text of the resolutions can be found in the Notice of Annual General Meeting, which is available for inspection at the National Storage Mechanism http://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/NSM and also on the Company's website at www.mbplc.com.

Denise Burton
Deputy Company Secretary

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