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Mitchells & Butlers recertifies to the Carbon Trust Standard

Mitchells & Butlers is delighted to have been officially awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for the second time.

The UK's leading restaurant and pub operator first achieved the Standard in 2009. Over the past three year's Mitchells & Butlers has continued to take action on climate change by further reducing carbon emissions.

Based on a rigorous, independent assessment, the Carbon Trust Standard certifies that organisations have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions across their own operations, and are committed to reducing them year on year.

The recertification is equally robust and demands an even greater focus on carbon reduction since companies typically have targeted 'low hanging fruit' during their first certification.

Richard Felgate, Head of Energy Management for Mitchells & Butlers said: "This is a mark of excellence for Mitchells & Butlers and is formal recognition that we are taking real action on cutting our carbon footprint across our 1,600 restaurants and pubs.

Recertifying to the Carbon Trust Standard is proof we are heading in the right direction. Our continued reduction in carbon emissions is largely due to the support and engagement of our 40,000 employees in operational energy best practice and training standards."

The Mitchells & Butlers' energy management team co-ordinate a series of projects to proactively manage energy usage across the Company. These include the introduction of LED Lighting, the use of external ambient air to cool our cellars, upgrading the insulation and draft exclusion to our buildings and heat recovery systems to provide free hot water and heating.

Compared to 2009, Mitchells & Butlers has reduced carbon emissions in 2010 and 2011 by 9%. This is equivalent to driving around the world 5,640 times in a car.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification, Carbon Trust, said: "At the time of the first certification, organisations can exploit many quick and low cost wins to improve efficiency. Over time the opportunities to cut carbon become more challenging, but also more rewarding. Consequently, Mitchells & Butlers' recertification represents a significant achievement and communicates its continuing to take responsibility for reducing their own emissions directly."

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