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Festival Favourites at All Bar One

Running until 13 November, All Bar One is showcasing a unique range of beers and ciders from across the globe each selected for their authentic brewing heritage, special ingredients and unique brewing methods.

Throughout the festival, bar-goers will have the opportunity to sample a selection of different drinks every day.  Key acts in the line up include: ‘The Unusuals' featuring Cusquena, a light malty, low bitterness Peruvian Pilsner; ‘Wheat & Cider' including Edelweiss, Austria's biggest selling wheat beer, Schneider Weiss the light, spicy Bavarian beer and Aspall cider, a traditional refreshing cider from Suffolk.  Customers can experience a taste of the continent with the ‘New Continental's' showcasing ‘Juliper Blue' and stylish Italian favourite, Peroni or check out the ‘Finest Continental Pilsner' act by comparing the original Pilsner, Pilsner Urquell  with Staropramen  from Prague.

Headlining the festival is Juliper Blue a lower alcohol (3.3 percent ABV) Belgian pilsner available exclusively in the UK at All Bar One.  With a light hoppy aroma, delicate taste and clean finish it is the ideal drink if you need to get back to work or just fancy lower alcohol refreshment.

The exciting All Bar One World Tapas range is the ideal accompaniment to the beers on offer during the Favourites Festival. Whether you need some quick but delicious lunchtime options or prefer to dine at leisure there is sure to be something to suit all tastes. 

Some recommended combinations include Leffe Blonde paired with Chicken Quesadilla or Box Baked Camembert.  Famously versatile, Leffe Blonde's spiced fruitiness is well suited to a whole range of foods.  The wheat beers Edelweiss and Schneider Weiss with their light hop bitterness provide an exciting match to a variety of dishes especially salads and fish - the Red Mullet or Salmon and Haddock Fishcakes are an ideal pairing.  For a classic combination, sample Yorkshire's Black Sheep, a full flavoured ale that offers a perfect accompaniment to the rich flavour of the Lamb Burger or Lamb and Courgette Skewers.    

James Bolton, All Bar One Brand & Beer Range Manager, said: "The festival line up reflects the fact that we're more adventurous than ever before when it comes to widening our drinking repertoire and replicating our experiences from around the world."

Pete Brown, author of ‘Man walks into a pub' comments: "This is an exciting opportunity for people to experience a huge range of exciting drinks from across the globe.   The selection available to try ensures there is a drink for every taste - the chance to enjoy old favourites but also discover new tastes."

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