We are committed to keeping our guests and customers safe, whether that is inside or outside of our pubs, bars and restaurants.

Unfortunately, we have noticed an increase in social media scam activity affecting our businesses in recent weeks, where fake Facebook pages have been set up by scam artists to impersonate our business and brands, all with the core aim of collecting people's contact and payment details.

We have been taking immediate action and are actively following the necessary steps to have these pages removed from Facebook as quickly as possible.

Some of these fake pages targeted at collecting contact details and payment information claim to offer meals for two, among other offers, if you share, comment, and sign up to a link provided.

We would like to advise all our guests and customers to remain vigilant and to be extra cautious of social media scams, and to make sure they stop and check before sharing any contact information, especially if the page looks suspicious.

If you think you have come across a page impersonating our business or one of our brands, we ask that you please report it on the specific social media channel.