Glass jar pendant lights hang in front of a brick wall, plants, and beam, creating a cosy atmosphere.
Glass jar pendant lights hang in front of a brick wall, plants, and beam, creating a cosy atmosphere.


The 2022 AGM was held on Tuesday 25 January 2022.

An opportunity to exchange information and ideas

Shareholders had the option to send questions prior to the AGM and to receive a response from the Company.

The following questions were asked, and the Company responded as shown:

    • There are no plans currently to adopt the real living wage. All staff are paid at least the national living wage in accordance with the age bandings. Many employees benefit from tips and gratuities in addition to their hourly rate, which are managed at site level and passed on in their entirety to staff members. When these are included, overall earnings in many cases are in excess of the real living wage rates.

    • Apprenticeships are a significant part of our succession strategy, with the aim of developing people to supervisory and management roles. We currently have around 2,000 employees completing an apprenticeship. As you might expect, we have a number of formal and informal links with local catering colleges developed both centrally and at individual site level.

    • As to volunteering, we do not keep location-specific information, however, we do make volunteering opportunities with our charitable partners available to our employees. Our overall focus is on using the scale of our business to benefit communities by working with our charitable partners across the Company or at brand level, be that with FareShare, Mind, Shelter, Social Bite or various other relevant charities. Alongside this activity, there are countless outlet-led and individual contributions to the community which take place daily, from sponsorship events to small acts of kindness.

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Tim Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Amy De Marsac

Head of Investor Relations & Sustainability

Denise Burton

Deputy Company Secretary