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Environmental concerns

As a business, we successfully manage our energy, waste and water in a way which is cost effective to the business and reduces our impact on the environment.

Energy champions

We have dedicated energy champions who drive down consumption through proactive energy management from within our businesses.


Our whole estate is fitted with energy efficient lighting. This has helped us to make considerable savings on energy consumption as well as improving lighting levels for our guests.

Innovative energy equipment

Smart meters are installed in almost all our businesses, along with heat recovery units which have been fitted in a number of our cellars. This has not only allows the recovery of heat, but also reduces maintenance costs by allowing other equipment in the cellars to operate in cooler conditions. We also use free cellar air cooling systems, which draw in cool air from outside when temperatures drop below 8℃ and turn off the traditional cellar cooling process, saving a huge amount of energy every day.

Many of our kitchens use technology to control our extract and air supply fans to ensure that they always run at the lowest speed to minimise energy usage. We have added smart heating controls to compatible sites that allow for better time and temperature control of our businesses, demonstrating how the reduction of our consumption of energy is now a fundamental part of our everyday business.

Waste management

We continue to drive successfully our waste disposal strategy, focused on reducing, re-using and effectively recycling the waste generated by our restaurants and pubs. This captures recycling cardboard, glass, food and cooking oil. We are currently trialling the use of 'Too Good to Go' – an initiative where surplus food, normally thrown away by one of our kitchens, is sold at a discounted rate to ensure it is not wasted.

We are also use other simple but effective products to reduce the volume of water used in each our toilets such as Hippo Bags.

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