A table of smartly-dressed guests chat over drinks, each with a garnish of orange floating on top.
A table of smartly-dressed guests chat over drinks, each with a garnish of orange floating on top.

Board Committees 

Helping us realise the vision of Mitchells & Butlers through forward-thinking, inspiring strategies and strong leadership.

The Board is responsible to shareholders for the strategic direction, development and control of the Group.

Nine regular Board meetings are currently planned for FY 2022 with further ad hoc meetings as required. All the Directors have access to the advice and services of the Company Secretary and General Counsel and can gain access to external independent advice should they wish to do so.

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Components of the bigger picture

To support the principles of good corporate governance, the Directors have formally established and constituted the following committees in order to carry out work on behalf of the Board. The Company Secretary and General Counsel is secretary to all these committees.


The main purpose of the Audit Committee is to review and maintain oversight of Mitchells & Butlers' corporate governance, particularly with respect to financial reporting, internal control and risk management.

The Audit Committee's responsibilities also include:

- Reviewing the processes for detecting fraud, misconduct and internal control weaknesses;

- Reviewing the effectiveness of the Group Assurance function; and

- Overseeing the relationship with the external and internal auditors and other third-party advisers

Full details regarding the Committee, its role, matters considered by the Committee and its compliance with relevant governance provisions are available within the Audit Committee report 2023 (121KB).

Download the Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee

The Remuneration Committee advises the Board on overall remuneration policy. The Committee also determines, on behalf of the Board and with the benefit of advice from external consultants and the Group HR Director and the Chief Executive, the remuneration packages of the Executive Directors and it reviews the Chairman's fees. The remuneration of the Non-Executive Directors is reviewed and determined by the Chairman and the Executive members of the Board. Full details regarding the work of this Committee are available within the Remuneration report 2023 (422KB).

Download the Terms of Reference for the Remuneration Committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for nominating, for the approval of the Board, candidates for appointment to the Board. It is also responsible for succession planning for the Board and the Executive Committee and reviewing the output of the Board effectiveness review. In compliance with the disclosure requirements of the 2018 Code, there is an ongoing process of review of the make-up of the Board and for Board succession, which is carried out by the Nomination Committee and led by the Chairman. The Nomination Committee engages external search agencies when required and ensures that all candidates are identified and assessed against pre-determined criteria. Gender balance is dealt with by the Nomination Committee on a regular basis and includes assessment of gender balance at senior management level. Full details are available within the Corporate governance statement 2023 (227KB).

Download the Terms of Reference for the Nomination Committee
Market Disclosure

The EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) which took effect in July 2016, brought about substantial changes relating to announcements of material information about the Company and its affairs, and relating to dealings in shares or other securities by Directors and other senior managers, including tighter controls on permitted "dealings" during closed periods and the handling of information relating to the Company. MAR requires companies to keep a list of people affected and the previous compliance regime and timeframe were enhanced.

As a result, a formal standing Committee of the Board was established, the Market Disclosure Committee, which comprises the Chairman, the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer and an independent Non-Executive Director. Full details are included in the Corporate Governance Statement of the 2023 Annual Report (227KB).

Download the Terms of Reference for the Market Disclosure Committee

The Executive Committee, which is chaired by the Chief Executive, consists of the Executive Directors and certain other senior executives.

The Executive Committee ordinarily meets at least every four weeks and has day-to-day responsibility for the running of the Group's business. It develops the Group's strategy and annual revenue and capital budgets for Board approval. It reviews and recommends to the Board any significant investment proposals. This Committee monitors the financial and operational performance of the Group and allocates resources within the budgets agreed by the Board. It considers employment issues, ensures the Group has an appropriate pool of talent and develops senior management workforce planning and succession plans.

A note of the actions agreed by, and the principal decisions of, the Executive Committee, is supplied to the Board for information in order that Board members can keep abreast of operational developments.


The Property Committee reviews property transactions which have been reviewed and recommended by the Portfolio Development Committee, without the need for submission of transactions to the full Board. The Property Committee agrees to the overall strategic direction for the management of the Group's property portfolio on a regular basis and may decide that a particular transaction should be referred to the Board for consideration or approval.

Corporate Responsibility

The Corporate Responsibility Committee was established in June 2019 and its purpose is to allow more executive, leadership and functional management involvement in matters of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Download the Terms of Reference for the Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Pensions Committee was established by the Board to supervise and manage the Company's relationship with its various pension schemes and their trustees.


In addition, there are general purposes, portfolio development and treasury committees. All of which are not formal committees of the Board.

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Governance Policy

When it comes to delivering a vision that people can trust, we believe that effective corporate governance is integral to all operations. Learn more about our governance policy influencing every moment. 

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Tax Strategy

Explore the four key tax objectives underpinning our tax strategy, developed to support the commercial objectives of Mitchells & Butlers.

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Business Conduct

With a mission to be the host of life’s meaningful moments, good corporate governance is key. Find out more about our ethical framework here. 

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Our Management

Get to know the experienced core of Mitchells & Butlers, the driving force behind our strategies and accomplishments.

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Tim Jones

Chief Financial Officer

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Amy De Marsac

Head of Investor Relations & Sustainability

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Denise Burton

Deputy Company Secretary