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Business Conduct

Good corporate governance is key to a successful, sustainable and profitable business and that's why we've drawn up a clear Code of Ethics. It describes the standards of behaviour expected from everyone in the company and provides an ethical framework within which all our Senior, Executive and Financial Officers work.

We understand that every single one of our employees is part of a wider community, and must act in a way that respects the social, economic and environmental well-being of the wider world. Our Code of Ethics helps to ensure that all our staff deal with you in good conscience and with integrity whether you're an employee, shareholder, customer or supplier.


Our people are central to our business, bringing to life brand visions through engaging interaction with our guests and preparation of high quality food and drink.


The natural environment provides the business with the resources it needs to operate. We take our responsibility to protect that environment seriously and have, therefore, set new and stretching targets to reduce the negative impact of our business.


We have a long history of providing a central hub to many communities where people have met and socialised for decades. Therefore, we want to help to support the communities we are proud to have been a part of for many years.


The Board of Mitchells & Butlers has a responsibility to its shareholders to ensure the good reputation of the company, optimal asset performance and a strong, forward-looking strategy. Read more about our governance policy.


Our suppliers provide the products which bring our brand visions to life. Customer tastes are continuously evolving and our ability to meet changing preferences at scale sets us apart from our competitors.

Human Rights

We're committed to being a socially responsible business and are very much aware of the importance of the rights of our employees and our responsibilities for good citizenship and high ethical conduct.

We respect and support the basic principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR). We comply with the labour laws in the countries in which we operate (UK and Germany) and expect our suppliers, wherever they are located, to respect and support the principles enshrined in the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

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